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Gleaner Company Ltd,with headquarters in Kingston, is a newsmedia publishing enterprise established in 1834 by two brothers, Joshua and Jacob De Cordova.

The Gleaner was born as a four-page weekly newspaper, issued on Saturday, September 13, 1834. At the time, it was neither envisaged how widely read throughout the Caribbean and the Diaspora the publication would come to be, nor how diverse a range of products, including on-line and radio, the company would eventually offer. The Gleaner is the oldest newspaper in the Caribbean currently being published.

For the average Jamaican 'The Gleaner' is synonymous with newspaper. Generations of Jamaicans in the diaspora have come to depend on The Gleaner for timely, factual information and cutting-edge analysis. The Gleaner Company, through its publications, not only reports and analyses information but also holds itself responsible for putting forward important issues of national, regional and international importance.

The primary product is The Gleaner, a morning broadsheet published six days each week. The Sunday Gleaner, first published in 1939, reaches twice as many readers as does the daily paper, and is noted for its classified advertising sections.  The evening tabloid, The Star, is the “people paper” providing more sensational breaking stories and is published six days per week.

Overseas weekly editions are published and widely distributed in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The principal activities of the Company and its subsidiaries are the printing and distribution of newspapers, the publication of its on-line editions and radio broadcasting. The Company’s subsidiaries include Independent Radio Company Limited (IRC) Power 106, and Music 99 FM, Gleaner Online Limited, GV Media Group Limited and The Gleaner Company (Canada) Inc. and The Gleaner Company (USA) Limited.

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